Possibilities and prices to discover the Pakri Islands

Pakri Rannad arrange boat transport, tractor safari, food, sauna and over night stay in Pakri Islands. The boat transport includes roundtrip to island and back to mainland. Our harbour is located near Suurküla at the west side of Väike-Pakri. Contact and bookings boat transport Storm Janne, tractor safari, food via email: pakribooking@gmail.com
Boat transport
Kurkse - Suurküla - Kurkse max 9 persons150
Kurkse - Suurküla - Kurkse min 6 persons100
Kurkse - Suurküla - Kurkse additional person17
Tractor safari “Maxi-Takso” transport max 20 persons excl guide (price per hour)50
Homemade Pakri Beef Steak12
 Firewoods per evening10
Camping at Suurküla / per person2
Sleeping in hey-barn / per person2
Accommodation 1 person / night (bring your own sleeping bag)5
Sport swing  1 time pairing adult / child4 / 2
Sport swing  1 hour30
Finnish sauna for 20 people / 3 hours70
All prices are in EUR and including VAT.